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Murals, Signs, Art, gifts.

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Established May 1, 2001
Photography by Theresa Preheim  
Photography by Theresa Preheim 
Contact us at:
    Whimsies features Custom Murals, Signs and Artworks by Greg & Theresa Preheim. We will be converting our Gift Shop into a private Art Studio at the end of this season. 
Gift Shop Clearance Sale now in progress. 
             Monday - Wednesday Noon - 4pm
                 Thursday & Friday 10am - 5pm
                         Saturday 9:30am - 4pm
                          Sunday Noon - 5:30pm
                        FOR MURALS & SIGNS 
                               call: 605-263-1997 
            Guys - relax out back while she shops.
  Portrait by Greg Preheim